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Phil Payne

After 25 years’ service in the Royal Navy (RN), predominantly as a hydrographic survey manager, Phil Payne has spent the last 3 years in various roles at the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO). Currently the survey delivery manager, he both conducts and sub-contracts hydrog... (read more)

Richard Gauchwin

Richard Gauchwin is Business Area Manager for Mapping and GIS at KOREC Group. He specialises in helping customers turn ideas into workable system solutions. (read more)

Richard Groom

Richard Groom is the Technical Editor of Geomatics World and works for the Environment Agency. (read more)

Simon Chester

Simon Chester is the Communication Coordinator at the Open Geospatial Consortium. He holds a BSc in Resource and Environmental Management, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication. (read more)

Simon Kettle

Simon Kettle is an independent consultant who set up Geospatial Geoscience Ltd. He provides consultancy, training and technical services concerning the application of geoscience data and geospatial analysis to the Oil & Gas and Maritime Industries. Simon has over 10... (read more)
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