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Isabel Sargent

Isabel Sargent is a research scientist and team leader of the deep learning team at Ordnance Survey. She has a background in remote sensing, computer science and mathematics. (read more)

Jacob Rainbow

Jacob Rainbow is a research scientist for the deep learning team at Ordnance Survey. She / He has a background in remote sensing, computer science and mathematics. (read more)

James Crawford

James Crawford is a research associate at Ordnance Survey currently working in Singapore. He has worked at OS since 2007 in various capacities and has successfully delivered improvements relating to core geospatial information processing, data standards and development activ... (read more)

James Kavanagh

James Kavanagh is director of the RICS Land Group and chair of the ILMS Coalition. He is a chartered land surveyor and chartered geographer with over 25 years of experience in civil engineering, land issues and surveying. He has worked on some of the largest civil engineerin... (read more)

Jason Poole

Jason Poole is the Content Manager and Sub-editor for Geomatics World and GIS Professional magazine. (read more)

Joanna Hull

Joanna Hull has a first-class honours degree in Building Surveying and a Masters degree in the Conservation of Historic Buildings. She has worked in a variety of conservation management roles, including asset management, surveying, facilities and project management, for Engl... (read more)

John Brock

John Brock is a Registered Surveyor in Australia and is a stalwart of FIG and its Permanent Institution for the Art and History of Surveying. (read more)

Jonathan Iliffe

Jonathan Iliffe is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering. His expertise lies in the area of geodesy, and specifically those issues that relate to coordinate reference systems - national or local, on land or at sea. (read more)

Jon Mills

Jon Mills is Professor of Geomatic Engineering within the Geomatics group in the School of Engineering at Newcastle University where he teaches, researches and exchanges knowledge in surveying, photogrammetry and laser scanning. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Eng... (read more)

Julia Stolle

Julia Stolle MRICS MAE, is the director of Stolle Surveys Ltd, specialising in boundary demarcation and boundary dispute resolution. She graduated from the Technical University of Berlin with an MSc in Civil Engineering (2000). Her further work experience include projects in... (read more)

Kate Rowlatt

Kate Rowlatt B.Eng (Hons) MCInstCES has worked for the Canal & River Trust – formally British Waterways – since 1998. Kate is currently the senior hydrographic surveyor, managing a small team who cover the hydrographic surveying requirements for the Trust thr... (read more)

Kolemann Lutz

Kolemann Lutz developed a passion for satellite imagery after three years of professional experience in the industry. As an international business associate at Trident Space, he believes satellites are one of the most compelling technologies to overcome major problems. Based... (read more)

Kristine White

Kristine White is a writer based in Silicon Valley. A former editor for the San Jose Mercury News, White writes extensively on geospatial technology. For further information contact: (read more)

Lynn Radford

Lynn Radford is copy-editor at GIM International. She has more than 15 years of international sales and marketing experience (UK, Germany, the Netherlands), spanning sectors covering manufacturing, retail, print media and online media including over 10 years working as inter... (read more)

Mark Greaves

Mark Greaves is Ordnance Survey Lead Consultant for Geodesy. He holds an MSc (with Distinction) in Engineering Surveying and Geodesy from the Institute of Engineering Surveying & Space Geodesy at Nottingham University and is a member of the RICS. Mark specialises in geod... (read more)

Mark Lawton

Mark Lawton is responsible for fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, he is Survey Manager for the A14 Integrated Delivery team (IDT). Mark will be speaking on this subject at Trimble’s worldwide Dimensions event due to be held in Las Vegas in November. (read more)

Mathias Lemmens

Mathias Lemmens gained a PhD degree from Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands. He is an international consultant and is the author of the book Geo-information – Technologies, Applications and the Environment published by Springer in 2011. Currently he is wor... (read more)

Michael Olsen

Michael Olsen is an associate professor of geomatics at Oregon State University, USA, and editor of the ASCI Journal of Surveying Engineering. He received BSc and MSc degrees in civil engineering from the University of Utah and a PhD in structural engineering from the Univer... (read more)

Olivia Wilson

Olivia Wilson is a research scientist for the deep learning team at Ordnance Survey. She has a background in remote sensing, computer science and mathematics. (read more)
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