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Edward Verbree

Edward Verbree is an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. (read more)

Erik Dahlberg

Erik Dahlberg is a writer specialising in the geomatics, civil engineering and construction industries. Drawing on extensive training and experience, Dahlberg focuses on applications and innovations in equipment, software and techniques. (read more)

Gerhard Navratil

Gerhard Navratil is a senior researcher in the geoinformation research group of the Department for Geodesy and Geoinformation at TU Vienna, Austria. His research activities are land administration & cadastre, data quality and navigation. (read more)

Ginger Butcher

Ginger Butcher (Science Systems And Applications, Inc.) leads communications efforts for the Landsat mission at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, managing communications channels and coordinating communications strategies, campaigns and products t... (read more)

Gordon Andreassend

Gordon Andreassend. (read more)

Gordon Johnston

Gordon Johnston, BSc(Hons), MRICS, FHydSoc, FRIN Gordon is based in the United Kingdom and has over 25 years of experience in the surveying industry, in particular, the offshore and hydrographic survey industry. He is a director of Venture Geomatics Limited from 2006. Before... (read more)

Gürcan Büyüksalih

Gürcan Büyüksalih is an associate professor and manager of the 3D GIS and Mapping Division of BIMTAS. He holds a PhD degree in photogrammetry and remote sensing from the University of Glasgow, UK, and is key in the Istanbul 3D city modelling project. (read more)

Hayley Tear

Hayley Tear is a former PV Publications employee with a passion for all things geo. (read more)

Ian Dowman

Ian Dowman is Editor of Geomatics World. (read more)

Iman Zolanvari

Dr Iman Zolanvari has a BSc in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Structural Engineering. He received his PhD on automated feature extraction of 3D models from Lidar data from the School of Civil Engineering at University College Dublin. He spent almost three years working as a... (read more)

Ioseba Tena

Ioseba (Joe) Tena is tasked with shaping and growing Sonardyne’s instrument business for marine robotic systems across all application domains including offshore energy, defence and ocean science. He works alongside his colleagues to ensure that clients’ operatio... (read more)

Isabel Sargent

Isabel Sargent is a research scientist and team leader of the deep learning team at Ordnance Survey. She has a background in remote sensing, computer science and mathematics. (read more)

Jacob Rainbow

Jacob Rainbow is a research scientist for the deep learning team at Ordnance Survey. She / He has a background in remote sensing, computer science and mathematics. (read more)

Jakub Karas

Jakub Karas is co-owner and technical manager of UpVision and works as consultant. He is specialised in photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS. He is vice-president of the Czech Unmanned Aerial Alliance, UAV industry representative in ISPRS (UAS group, TC1), and a member of... (read more)

James Crawford

James Crawford is a research associate at Ordnance Survey currently working in Singapore. He has worked at OS since 2007 in various capacities and has successfully delivered improvements relating to core geospatial information processing, data standards and development activ... (read more)

James Gregory

James Gregory is the Head of BIM at Plowman Craven, with a responsibility for overseeing BIM operations across the business. This includes leading the delivery of BIM Survey Models across both the Property and Infrastructure sectors, heading up the BIM and Digital Constructi... (read more)

James Kavanagh

James Kavanagh is director of the RICS Land Group and chair of the ILMS Coalition. He is a chartered land surveyor and chartered geographer with over 25 years of experience in civil engineering, land issues and surveying. He has worked on some of the largest civil engineerin... (read more)

Jason Poole

Jason Poole was Content Manager and Sub-editor for Geomatics World and GIS Professional magazine. (read more)

Jean-Thomas Célette

Jean-Thomas Célette is a senior tech executive, who currently serves as managing director at senseFly.  (read more)

Joanna Hull

Joanna Hull has a first-class honours degree in Building Surveying and a master’s degree in the Conservation of Historic Buildings. She has worked in a variety of conservation management roles, including asset management, surveying, facilities and project management, f... (read more)
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