Andrew Trigg
Andrew Trigg

Dr Andrew Trigg is HM Land Registry’s Chief Geospatial and Data Officer. He is responsible for data publication, the creation of a new digital Land Register, and the quality of data in the register. He is a member of the pan-public sector Geographic Information Co-ordination Group and has held positions as Chairman of the Association for Geographic Information, board member of EuroGeographics and member of the UK Location Council. Prior to Joining HM Land Registry, he was Head of Products and Consultancy at Ordnance Survey, where among other things, he was responsible for the introduction of MasterMap.


HM Land Registry Looks to the Future

Andrew Trigg, Chief Geospatial and Data Officer at HM Land Registry, sets out exciting developments leading to new products, better interoperability between agencies and innovation. Our data is everywhere. Walk down any street in England and Wales and there’s a strong chance we’ll know... (read more)