David Selviah
David Selviah

David Selviah is both a UCL academic at Reader level and CTO of Correvate Ltd, a UCL spin-out company commercialising his 3D point cloud processing research. For the last 31 years he has been at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University College London (UCL) where, apart from his research on AI and creative algorithm development, he has specialised in the laser and optical field including LiDAR scanning. He has over 200 publications in his academic career to date.


Digitizing Reality: Automated 3D Point Cloud Data Processing Using AI

Instruments for digitizing the 3D real environment are becoming smaller, more lightweight, lower-cost and more robust. Accordingly, they are finding increasingly widespread usage, not only on surveying tripods for the highest accuracy, but also on mobile platforms such as autonomous vehicles, drones... (read more)