Airbus Introduces Radar-derived Ground Control Points - 09/07/2019

Airbus has launched its new series of radar-derived Ground Control Points (GCPs), offering high point density and centimetre-level accuracy.

Users can extract accurate 3D coordinates from high-resolution stereo radar imagery with the help of an inventive geodesy processor. Radar satellites allow swift imagery collection no matter the location, their imperviousness to darkness and climate conditions mean they can acquire data round the clock.

Together with its new automatic geodesy processor, this equates to timely processing and delivery of GCPs. Due to their high accuracy relative to GCPs derived by other means, Airbus GCPs can substitute for in-situ measurements, which can result in time and cost savings while providing a homogeneous data source.

The latest datasets can boost topographic and cadaster mapping from 1:10,000 to 1:2,500 scales, and also automotive (HD) mapping.

Last updated: 17/10/2019