Aria Insights Turns Drone Collected Data into Actionable Intelligence With AI - 22/01/2019

Aria Insights, a company who provide autonomous, robotic teammates, has been launched. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Aria is more effectively harnessing data collected by drones and keeping users safe in the process. Founded by the team at CyPhy Works, Aria Insights is expanding upon CyPhy’s tethered drone legacy by integrating AI and machine learning software into its drones. The company will provide customers with intelligent, autonomous drones that both collect and analyse data to create actionable insights for users.

The decision to place an increased focus on AI comes from years of industry experience identifying that the power of drones is limited only by the use and understanding of the data they collect. Smarter data collection and machine learning enable decision makers to quickly and efficiently address a problem or execute a mission, while ensuring human lives are not put at risk. With sophisticated analytics, decision makers no longer need to spend hours capturing and watching video; instead, robots will identify information of interest, send an alert when new information is detected, and ultimately connect the data to a digital 3D map.

“After 10 years of innovating and redefining drone technology, the team at CyPhy saw the limitations facing the industry - namely the complications and risks of retrieving and analysing data,” said Lance Vanden Brook, CEO of Aria Insights. “A number of our partners were collecting and housing massive amounts of information with our drones, but there was no service in the industry to quickly and efficiently turn that data into actionable insights. Moving beyond just a hardware provider, Aria is now a full-service solution that not only meets customers’ aerial needs, but also processes analytics that enable insightful decision making.”

Aria Insights’ new machine learning capabilities enable users in the public safety, oil & gas, and other commercial sectors to collect data and turn it into actionable plans. Equipped with AI capabilities, the drones will perform fully autonomous missions to make it easier to identify features of interest across multiple use cases. For example, the drones can aid in the maintenance of confined spaces, such as oil tankers or pipelines, enabling operators to identify areas that need repair without sending humans into potentially dangerous working conditions. Aria’s drones can also monitor the development of a natural disaster and alert first responders of increased action in a certain area, as well as notify event organisers when portions of a crowd may need more supervision.

CyPhy’s flagship product, the Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications platform (PARC), will continue to be available from Aria Insights. Aria also plans to launch new technology to solve the needs of its commercial partners and ensure greater safety of people everywhere.

Last updated: 04/02/2019