Bluesky Launches MetroVista 3D City Models Online - 28/01/2020

Highly accurate, UK citywide 3D models are now available to view and download from Bluesky’s online Mapshop. The geographically accurate, photo-realistic MetroVista mesh models are available in a variety of formats ready for use in 3D GIS, CAD and other modelling software as well as visualization, gaming and virtual reality workflows. Captured using Leica’s, and the world’s first, large format imagery and a Lidar hybrid airborne sensor and generated in Skyline’s PhotoMesh software, the Bluesky MetroVista data sets of major UK cities are available online, offering a compelling alternative to traditional photogrammetrically-produced models.  

“Since launching in the UK, the MetroVista product range has received enormous offline interest from sectors such as infrastructure and building development, risk assessment, telecommunications and environmental mapping,” commented Rachel Tidmarsh, managing director of Bluesky. “By making the data easy to access and consume through our online Mapshop, we hope to increase the take-up from traditional users of 3D models and encourage applications such as smart city management, autonomous vehicle testing, virtual reality experiences and gaming.”    

3D City Modelling and Urban Mapping

MetroVista mesh models are generated using data captured by Bluesky’s CityMapper sensor. Specifically designed for 3D city modelling and urban mapping, the system includes a traditional vertical camera as well as survey-grade oblique cameras. The CityMapper also includes high-performance Lidar technology to accurately collect elevation data – even into the shadows, which are common in urban environments and can make photo-based collection difficult.

Bluesky has been capturing MetroVista data in the UK for two flying seasons and has recently launched the product range in the US. Visitors to Bluesky’s Mapshop will initially be able to select an area and download MetroVista mesh models of London, Birmingham and Cambridge, with other UK and US cities coming online in due course. Data can be supplied in a variety of proprietary and open source formats, including OBJ, FBX, I3s and 3DML for use in Skyline’s TerraExplorer product suite.

The Bluesky Mapshop also offers complete nationwide coverage of aerial photography from multiple epochs, 3D models, Lidar data, thermal mapping and Bluesky’s National Tree Map. is easy to use and purchasing of data is simple, straightforward and secure. Account options are also available and data can be purchased with a range of easy to understand licence options, including the option of a sub-contractor licence.

Last updated: 06/03/2021