Christian Geomatics Purchase First Trimble SX10 Total Station in the UK - 22/11/2016

Chris Jackson, Managing Director of Christian Geomatics, has placed the first order in the UK for Trimble’s ground breaking SX10 scanning total station. Chris placed his order during this year’s Trimble Dimensions event in Las Vegas where, as a guest of KOREC, he got to see the instrument in action and talk to the Trimble team behind its development.

The SX10 has been hailed as ground breaking technology due to its ability to collect any combination of high-density 3D scan data, enhanced Trimble VISION imaging, and high-accuracy total station data and has been designed with the specific intent of enabling surveyors to capture exactly what they need in the field with a single instrument, saving time and money on every job.

With busy offices in Lancashire, Cumbria and Windsor, Chris was particularly impressed at its potential to save time in the field. “The SX10 will certainly speed up our time on site and we already have our first job lined up for it surveying culverts and small bridges in a remote part of Cumbria. We’d planned originally to carry out this work using targets, a total station, our TX8 laser scanner and a two-man team.

However, with the SX10, a single surveyor can now undertake this work with a single instrument which will be much easier to transport around this rural site. There’s no doubt that the SX10 offers everything you could want on site to speed things up and the scan quality is shockingly good! With the skills shortage in our industry, the SX10 couldn’t have come at a better time.”

The SX10 will join Chris’s existing fleet of Trimble S-Series totals stations, R10 GNSS and a TX8 laser scanner.

Last updated: 24/04/2019