Drone Delivery Systems Provides UAV Delivery Solution - 13/03/2019

Drone Delivery Systems, AirBox Technology manufacturer, and Aero Systems West (ASW), have partnered to provide the first end-to-end package drone delivery solution. With the new partnership, Drone Delivery Systems will offer autonomous commercial delivery drones from ASW; powered by the hardware standard for open source autopilots in addition to professional long-term support with ASW's DroneCare subscription.

DroneCare is a first-of-its-kind subscription service that makes it safe and simple to use industrial-grade drones for package delivery. The solution includes aviation-grade drone hardware, training, hassle-free maintenance, service upgrades, and accident protection.

The partnership will respond to the previously unanswered challenge of expert long-term support coupled with true commercial unmanned aircraft conducting package delivery. With DroneCare's integration into the AirBox ecosystem, recipients around the world will know that their drone deliveries are being conducted with certified, reliable, and safe drones for years to come.

"We have extensively vetted the commercial drone manufactures to offer our partners the most advanced reliable commercial UAV's on the market, combined with our innovative smart AirBox Technology. Drone Delivery Systems will continue to align itself with the most advanced UAV technology companies in the industry." said Brandon Pargoe, President of Drone Delivery Systems, Inventor of AirBox Technology.

Last updated: 27/05/2019