FIG Asks for Input on Future Structure - 30/06/2020

The International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) is seeking input from its members to help shape the governance structure of the organization. The Task Force on Governance is working on an evaluation and proposal of potential changes to the current FIG governance. The Task Force had planned several activities, including a roundtable session and a General Assembly briefing, at the Working Week 2020 in Amsterdam, last May. As this conference was cancelled due to Covid-19, the Task Force is now asking for online engagement and for contributions and input. The Task Force has prepared two videos for members: the first video is 10 minutes long and the second lasts 20 minutes. Please watch these videos and pass on your feedback and comments to Louise Friis-Hansen at

- Update report
that was prepared for the General Assembly and which gives the background for this consultation (10 minutes). 
Presentation handouts

- Presentation of Seven Key Issues
 for which the Task Force would like your input, your comments, reflection and constructive critique (20 minutes).
Presentation handouts
Governance Task Force Key Issues Paper

 The second video presentation will talk you through what we are asking from you. There’s more background info on the consultation here:

All background information on the Task Force can be found here:

Last updated: 01/07/2020