Ford Buys Geiger-mode LiDAR Firm Princeton Lightwave - 10/11/2017

Argo AI, a subsidiary of Ford motor company, has purchased Princeton Lightwave, an automotive LiDAR company, for their Geiger-mode technology for the automotive market. This is the second investment that Ford has made in LiDAR since joining a round of funding for Velodyne back in August of 2016.

Though Ford explains that they will need Princeton Lightwave to help them develop more “affordable” LiDAR sensors, Geiger-mode LiDAR can offer advantages beyond low costs.

Jay Leibowitz, Princeton Lightwave chief sales and marketing officer, said “You can see through obscurants with Geiger-mode LiDAR better than you can with linear-mode LiDAR. That gives the advantage of being able to see further and lower reflectivity objects in various kinds of weather.”

Princeton Lightwave’s latest automotive Geiger-mode LiDAR, the GeigerCruizer, can detect objects beyond 200 metres.

Last updated: 10/12/2018