Gexcel Presents New HERON Indoor Mobile Mapping Systems - 03/01/2019

The HERON AC-2 and HERON MS-2 (rugged devices for underground mines or difficult indoor environments) have been released and added to Gexcel’s portfolio. Both devices are available in the Colour configuration.

With these releases, HERON has become a powerful tool for geospatial data mining to digitally document, collect and geo-reference large datasets and information for indoor environments when integrated with OrbitGT packages.

Benefits to customers include:

  • Great value for facility management, geospatial applications, digital 3D documentation, digital twins for remote planning and project, revamping projects of industrial plants, etc.
  • The GoBlueprint free tool (fast point clouds 2D visualisation), which HERON users can easily share with clients, already in the field and almost in real-time.
  • Point clouds coming from drones and/or static scans, as GNSS known points, can become constraints information inside the workflow of the HERON 3D SLAM data processing.


The HERON LITE model is also available for customers who want an affordable investment.

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Last updated: 14/01/2019