Highways Surveyors Set New Direction with Name Change to Saber - 09/10/2018

Highways Surveyors, one of the UK’s largest providers of information and analysis for highway condition and inventory, has rebranded as Saber (Asset Management) Ltd. The Chichester-based company will continue to provide surveying services to the highways sector.

The company surveyed 44,000 kilometres of highway last year and as the largest provider of visual surveys in the UK, their surveyors walked the equivalent of 101 times around the M25. In recent years the company has built a strong cloud software and services capability and has a fast expanding consultancy division. The rebranding reflects a repositioning of the company since the services now offered appeal to not just highways, but also other infrastructure sectors managing assets.

“We develop software and cloud-based services for handling and analysing survey data and these innovations mean that the company no longer just deals with highways data; it’s useful for any type of survey data.” said Steve Batchelor. “Organisations charged with looking after highways and other asset networks are increasingly embracing the cloud to meet their IT needs and we’ve put ourselves at the forefront of developing solutions to manage survey data effectively. We are also growing our consultancy division which we see as a key growth area. With the management of ageing highways and infrastructure, this work is becoming more and more challenging and there is a growing demand for expert help.”

Last updated: 23/10/2019