Kleos to Launch First Satellites with Rocket Lab - 30/05/2019

Kleos, a geo-intelligence provider, will launch the first satellites of its constellation on a Rocket Lab launch vehicle in August 2019.

Kleos Space has partnered with the New Zealand-based launch service provider to loft the first of its radio frequency reconnaissance satellites to orbit.

The constellation is aimed at providing intelligence on hidden maritime activity. The four satellites to be launched have been assembled and tested to fit the launch pod of the Electron rocket, which will be launched from Rocket Labs’ Maxwell dispenser.

Rocket Lab’s Senior Vice President of Global Launch Services, Lars Hoffman, said “We’re excited to give the Kleos Scouting Mission satellites a first-class ride to orbit on Electron. We’ve worked closely with the Kleos team to design a tailored rideshare mission that lays the strong foundation for a future constellation.”

The Scouting Mission satellites will be destined for a 500-kilometre sun-synchronous orbit, with the launch scheduled during a 14-day window in August.

Last updated: 10/06/2019