LandScope Develops Monitoring Service with Trimble 4D Control - 07/07/2017

LandScope has struck a deal with Trimble 4D Control (T4D) to provide them with complete sensor management as well as clear and customisable reporting and display options - scalable to suit any monitoring scheme.

In order to further support data analysis, T4D incorporates input of other third party sensors, e.g. vibration, noise and dust, which are included in the intelligent alarming and reporting systems for real-time data review and analysis.

LandScope offers an integrated movement monitoring service which enables the engineering community to monitor and model our dynamic natural and man-made world.

From the settlement of buildings, through the deformation of civil structures to the movement of natural features, the highest order of accuracy survey instrumentation enables an understanding of this dynamism.

Each movement monitoring campaign is custom designed for duration, measurement frequency, accuracy and reporting format to ensure an appropriate solution. Best survey practice with a strong understanding of measurement (and associated error) analysis are invariably the critical success factors in any monitoring campaign.

Further information on our range of monitoring services can be found on our website or you may contact us with any specific technical or project requirements.

Last updated: 21/04/2018