LiDARUSA Announces Long Endurance Multicopter Lidar Solution - 12/07/2019

LiDARUSA has announced the integration of their UAV-scanning systems with the Harris Aerial H4/H6 Hybrid multicopters. As surveyors and mappers experience growth, they assume larger and larger projects making longer flight times increasingly important. The Harris Hybrid can provide such flights with lidar and industrial-grade cameras allowing for far greater coverage in a single flight.

“The beauty of the Harris Hybrid, is that the pilot continues to enjoy the flexibility of a multi-copter, availability of fuel, and relatively compact packaging at an affordable price,” says Jeff Fagerman, CEO of LiDARUSA, “While it is louder than an all-electric system, for particularly large, rural projects it is a very nice solution.”

Harris Aerial, a drone manufacturer near Orlando, Florida, builds and sells heavy-lift hybrid multicopters. These copters use a small generator running on 95 (or higher) octane fuel to power the UAV for up to five hours. The Carrier H6 can carry an A-series HD LiDAR system of 3kg for 2.5 hours and a V-series of 5kg up to 1.5 hours.

For the Lidar operator this translates into most projects requiring only one or two flights at most. On projects that are relatively flat with a clear LOS to the horizon in all directions, these systems can cover everything legally possible in a single flight.

As an integrated package with any LiDARUSA scanning system, the price is still reasonable. For more information, visit

Last updated: 04/11/2019