Maptek Showcases Sentry Monitoring System - 10/04/2018

Maptek has announced it will be displaying its latest mobile monitoring system at Slope Stability 2018. “At its heart, the conference is tackling an issue, slope stability, which has a real impact on risk and hence safety in open pit mines. The better our understanding of slope stability, the better placed we are to improve safety to mining personnel, the environment and mining equipment.” said James Howarth, Maptek Mine Measurement Product Manager.

“Mine safety is an area where we invest significant R&D, specifically on our range of 3D laser scanners, our geotechnical analysis software and in recent years, Sentry surface monitoring system. We’re really keen to be a part of the conversation on slope stability, or ground movement monitoring, helping attendees grasp how effective our technology is and how it can help them to monitor, analyse and keep ahead of geotechnical risk.” continued Howarth.

“Sentry is different from many other monitoring systems in that it uses LIDAR data. Many monitoring systems are fixed or simply not inherently mobile. The beauty of Sentry is that yes, it is fully designed for permanent monitoring, but it can also be moved around the mine with ease. Which means you can react to changes in your mine and quickly begin monitoring them. Equally, if you’re performing weekly, or monthly monitoring, the laser scanner can be detached between monitoring sessions to perform routine survey tasks, such as volumetrics or reconciliation.” concluded Howarth.

A group of survey and monitoring SMEs from Maptek global regions will be on hand at Slope Stability. More information on Maptek activities at Slope Stability

Last updated: 25/03/2019