RIEGL’s VZ-2000i Laser Scanner Auto-registers Data in Real-time - 11/10/2017

RIEGL have shown off their VZ-2000i terrestrial laser scanner. The device features two on-board processors that enable it to run multiple parallel processes. While scanning in the field, the device can perform registration, geo-referencing, and orientation of data simultaneously, and in real time.

Notably, RIEGL says the new scanner includes full documentation of all of its components, which offers a “sound basis” for developing your own custom Python apps to enhance scanner functionality.

Fast and Long-range

The scanner is designed to be fast and work well over long distances, capturing 1.2 million points per second at up to 2,500 metres. It boasts 5mm accuracy and 3mm precision. RIEGL recommends the device for topography and mining, city modelling, tunnel surveying, civil engineering, and natural hazard surveying, among other applications.

As you might expect, the device features a recent iteration of the RIEGL’s waveform-liar technology, which uses echo digitisation, online waveform processing, and multiple-time-around processing to offer accurate measurements regardless of weather conditions or range requirements.

User-friendly Options

Alongside the VZ-2000i, RIEGL announced an app that will let users control the VZ line of scanners remotely, “from anywhere in the world.” This app, available for Windows and Apple devices, displays the GUI of the scanner on your screen, whether you are local or connected to the device remotely.

It also includes a number of pre-defined workflows that allow users to operate the scanner by pressing one GUI button per scanner position. “Once the scanner is re-arranged,” RIEGL says, “a new scan position will automatically be generated.”

Last updated: 27/02/2018