SBG Systems Launches Horizon IMU for High Performance Surveying - 31/01/2019

SBG Systems has released the FOG-based Horizon inertial measurement unit (IMU), designed for high demanding surveying applications such as high-altitude data collection, or mobile mapping in very dense areas such as urban canyons.

Navsight Land/Air Solution consists in a ready-to-use inertial navigation solution dedicated to surveyors for mobile data collection. It is available at different levels of accuracy to meet the various application requirements and can be connected to various external equipment such as an odometer, Lidar, etc.

Navsight Land/Air Solution already offered two levels of performance with the Ekinox and Apogee IMUs. These MEMS-based IMUs provide most surveying markets with camera or Lidar motion compensation and data geo-referencing. The new Horizon IMU allows customers to bring the technology to the most demanding environments such as high-altitude surveying and highly dense areas, as well as applications where only a single antenna can be used. Horizon IMU is based on closed-loop FOG technology which enables ultra-low bias and noise levels. This technology allows robust and consistent performance even in low dynamics survey.

Simple Installation

The Navsight solution is easy to install as the sensor alignment and lever arms are automatically estimated and validated. Once connected to the processing unit, the web interface guides the user to configure the solution. A 3D view of the vehicle shows the entered parameters so that the user can check the installation. By choosing the vehicle, a plane or a car for example, the inner algorithms are automatically adjusted to the application. The Navsight unit also integrates led indicators for satellite availability, RTK corrections, and power.

Full INS/GNSS Post-processing Software

Completing the Navsight offer, Qinertia, the SBG post-processing software, gives access to offline RTK corrections from more than 7,000 base stations located in 164 countries. The software delivers the highest level of accuracy without having to set up a base station. Trajectory and orientation are then greatly improved by processing inertial data and raw GNSS observables in forward and backward directions.

Navsight is ITAR Free. All models are available for order. For more information, visit:

Last updated: 24/07/2019