Shining 3D Announces Two Wireless Handheld 3D Scanners - 04/10/2018

China-based Shining 3D has announced two wireless handheld 3D scanners. With an extensive background in the 3D digitising and printing industry, the company owns a wide range of products for distinct applications, including industrial manufacturing, education, bio-medical treatment, and more.

The two products are a step up from the previous FreeScan X5 and X7 metrology 3D scanners, with the main upgrade being on portability. The X5+ and X7+ incorporate a wireless computational processing unit, ‘AirMaster’, which provides users with a cable-free experience. Additionally, it includes a built-in heterogeneous multi-core SOC processor, which offers image-data calculation completely driven by the hardware.

Moreover, both the X5+ and X7+ feature a scanning part size from 0.1 up to 8 metres, and provide 3 hours of continuous operation or 12 hours of standby time. To increase productivity and help to scan large objects and scenes, both scanners can display data in real-time on a smartphone or tablet.

The X7+ scans 480,000 points per second with 0.030mm accuracy, while the X5+ scans 350,000 points per second with 0.035mm accuracy. Also, Shining 3D’s scanners are compatible with various 3D metrology software solutions, including Geomagic Design X and Control XPointShape InspectorVerisurfRhinoceros, and Mesh2Surface.

The FreeScan X5+ & X7+ are now available for pre-order, and will ship in November 2018. To get additional information about the products, or its price, you can contact Shining 3D.

Last updated: 15/10/2018