Start-up Company Launches New Lidar Scanner Design - 01/08/2018

Start-up company Baraja has combined wavelength-tuneable laser with prism-like optics for a new Lidar designed system (Spectrum Scan) that eliminates any moving parts making the device more durable, especially for autonomous vehicles.

Baraja have stated that their application of prism-like optics improves scalability, reliability and performance issues associated with designs that rely on physically rotating lasers or moving mirrors to scan an environment, and that vibration and shock in vehicular applications causes traditional mechanisms to fail over time, a limitation that their design addresses.

“After spending years in stealth, iterating behind closed doors with OEMs and other high-profile pioneers in the autonomous vehicle space, we are confident that we have built a high performance Lidar system, one that addresses many of the challenges facing the autonomous vehicle industry.” said Cibby Pulikkaseril, Baraja co-founder and CTO.

Baraja maintains that their Spectrum Scan system adheres to a design-for-manufacture approach, utilising many off-the-shelf components, with mass production for fleets the end goal. This design could also have benefits for other modes of terrestrial or airborne scanning.

Last updated: 26/05/2019