Terra Drone India and Vignan University Set Up Drone Lab to Foster GIS Innovation - 20/05/2019

Terra Drone India, an associate company of Japan-based Terra Drone Corporation, and Vignan’s Foundation for Science, Technology & Research (deemed-to-be a university) have co-established a drone laboratory to foster innovation in unmanned aerial platforms and GIS in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. The innovation hub, which has been set up within Vignan’s campus in Andhra Pradesh, is being made available to students as well as industry professionals.

The goal of the drone lab is to stimulate state-of-the-art drone research and development by leveraging the synergies between Hyderabad-based Terra Drone India and Vignan University. The lab will support drone technology education and talent development at Vignan’s by developing niche technology components for existing drone platforms across the world. Additionally, the lab will also focus on design and development of new drone platforms for both military and civilian use.

Further, the lab will support training in GIS tools and courses to encourage innovations in drone data-processing and software development in India. For the same, Terra Drone India is organizing a GIS training workshop at Vignan’s from 27-31 May 2019.

Global expertise for local talent 

As part of one of the world’s largest providers of industrial drone solutions, Terra Drone India’s global expertise in drone technologies makes it the ideal technology and knowledge partner for an initiative like this. The drone startup will provide Vignan’s with multiple unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for research and development as well as training purposes. The company will also lend its expertise in the fields of worldwide drone operations, data analytics, and GIS training to the project.

With market intelligence firms like BIS Research indicating that the domestic market for commercial drones will surpass the military market by 2021, the demand for trained drone operators and analysts is only going to multiply across the world.

Promotion of survey solutions

Recognizing this trend, Dr M.Y.S. Prasad, Vignan’s Vice-Chancellor and former director at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), says, “At Vignan’s, we continuously strive to foster cutting-edge technology education and creating a scientific temperament in the country. Drones are an indispensable part of our future.  And it is only through constant innovations in core technology and development of newer applications that we can ensure continued growth in UAV adoption in India. This drone laboratory will have a special emphasis on the promotion of survey solutions for sectors like urban development, oil and gas, and mining, and drone-based inspection of heavy industrial structures.”

Wing Commander Polu Sreedhar, Chief Operating Office, Terra Drone India, concludes, “As drone adoption grows in India, clients and users are increasingly demanding value creation based on innovation rather than just cost. Terra Drone India has always been at the forefront of supporting a knowledge economy where quality is key. Our decision to co-establish a drone laboratory at Vignan’s is just a step in that direction.”

Last updated: 18/09/2019