Texo DSI Take Ownership of First Topcon Falcon 8+ in UK - 12/01/2018

Texo Drone Survey and Inspection (Texo DSI) have become the first company in the UK to take ownership of the Topcon Falcon 8+ UAV system. The UAV is the third generation edition of the Falcon Drone system. The multi-camera payload Falcon system uses best-in-class sensors to deliver aerial imaging, monitoring and mapping.

Key product attributes include: Minimal pilot correction; GCS includes built-in automated flight functions; Advanced flight planning via the new Intel Cockpit Controller; and Automated, reproducible 3D flights.

It is also designed for stability with a Balanced V-shape design; Resistant to magnetic interference; Automatic compensation for wind gusts; and Active vibration damping.

John Wood, Chief Operations Officer, Texo DSI said: “As a business we are committed to remaining at the forefront of technology. We have set the standard for all other commercial drone operators to try and meet. This further investment in the latest UAV technology reaffirms this position.”

Mat Kellett, Business Development Manager, Topcon GB Ltd commented: “Topcon has worked closely with Texo DSI since the company embarked on its UAV business, helping to deliver the latest and most accurate surveying processes to the UAV team. We look forward to delivering the latest generation Falcon 8+ to help them stay at the forefront of this fast-growing industry.”

For more information about Texo Drone Survey and Inspection Ltd, please visit: www.texodroneservices.co.uk.

For more information about the Topcon Falcon 8+ UAV system, please visit: www.topconpositioning.com/en-gb.

Last updated: 18/01/2019