The Latest Mobile Mapping System from 3D Laser Mapping - 17/09/2015

3D Laser Mapping are turning heads this week at Intergeo, as the new ‘StreetMapperIV’ mobile mapping system is launched. StreetMapper first came onto the market in 2004, driven by client demands to survey roads and structures above the road with unparalleled safety, speed and accuracy. What resulted was a first-of-a-kind system from 3D Laser Mapping, paving the way for mobile mapping systems to come.

The original StreetMapper system used four Riegl laser scanners and the best commercially available IMU at the time. The technology was a game-changer for its day, but one which needed to be refined to reach the needs of ever-changing modern markets.

Alternative versions were developed in 2010 and 2012; StreetMapper POD – an enclosed mobile mapping solution with two Riegl laser scanners and an IGI IMU, and StreetMapper PORTABLE – a modular system with one Riegl laser scanner, the same IMU, and a lightweight swivel mount.

Where both these systems continued to meet the needs of client’s demands, there was still room for improvement. Further requests from customers for an even more compact, simplified yet reliable system were raised. 3DLM listened and responded.

“2015 is a big year for the StreetMapper brand as we prepare to launch an all-new version of our market-leading solution at Intergeo in Stuttgart,” commented Dr Chris Cox, Senior Engineer for mobile Mapping Systems at 3DLM. “Our customers have spoken; they want a new system that is more compact, more versatile, and easier to use while still delivering the same high-levels of survey grade accuracy. And that’s precisely what we will unveil in September.”

StreetMapperIV is a portable and automated solution that is easy to use, yet retains survey grade accuracy. With only one cable connection attaching the system to the vehicle, it is the simplest StreetMapper design yet. Each system comes with a high-accuracy laser scanner and market leading navigation system, with optional additions of panoramic cameras and navigation upgrades making it fully customisable to your needs.

Last updated: 28/11/2020