The Survey Association Releases Guide 'Close Range Photogrammetric Accuracies' - 07/02/2020

The Survey Association has released a new Client Guide: ‘Close Range Photogrammetric Accuracies.’ The recent rapid increase in the use of photogrammetry for architectural, archaeological and engineering purposes has been due to the exciting developments in user friendly automated software systems. This has led to the close involvement in the commissioning and even the production of 3D models by the end-user, but they may not always have the background or experience to see what is possible.

The client guide briefly sets out the techniques required, but couches them in the context of the accuracies achievable for the myriad of potential applications.

Reference is also made within the document to other relevant TSA guides that will further enhance the client’s knowledge.      
Download your free Guide here.

Last updated: 10/02/2020