Trimble Adds Galileo and BeiDou to VRS Now Service in North America - 24/09/2018

Trimble has announced that Galileo and BeiDou observation data will be included with Trimble VRS Now subscriptions in North America. Powered by the Trimble Pivot Platform GNSS Real-time network software, the service fully supports GPS, GLONASS, QZSS and now, Galileo and BeiDou satellite systems. The additional constellations allow users to make use of more satellites, enabling a more robust performance when working in harsh GNSS environments such as urban canyons and under canopy.

As a true five-constellation solution, Trimble VRS Now delivers improved real-time positioning performance for customers in North America. VRS Now is ideal for surveying, mapping and GIS, construction and agriculture professionals that require high-accuracy positioning in their workflows.

Benefits to users include:

  • Operating in environments where traditional GPS+GLONASS systems' performances are limited
  • Improved accuracy and reliability of GNSS solutions
  • Minimised effects of multipath and interference


"By including Galileo and BeiDou data, customers can achieve greater accuracy and positioning performance than ever before," said Patricia Boothe, vice president of Trimble's Advanced Positioning Division. "With the addition of North America, Trimble VRS Now networks worldwide supports the five GNSS constellations. We continue to build technology enhancements into the correction services portfolio, allowing our users to realise ongoing and incremental benefits in the form of increased productivity and reduced inputs."

Last updated: 27/08/2020