Trimble Forensics Solution Enables Efficient Crime Scene Data Collection - 11/04/2018

Trimble has announced the Forensics SX10 Solution, a hardware and software data collection and processing system for collision and crime scene reconstruction. The solution includes the Trimble SX10 scanning total station, with the Trimble T10 tablet and Trimble Capture field software to enable highly efficient data collection for crime and collision scene investigation and reconstruction.

The Trimble SX10 enables law enforcement agencies to capture evidence faster with fewer station setups so they can clear collisions or crime scenes quickly and restore public safety sooner. Users collect data at the scene and view point clouds immediately in the field, confirming complete coverage. With scans registered in the field using the latest version of Capture field software and viewed on the T10 tablet, office time and expensive overtime costs are minimised or eliminated.

“Previously, an investigator needed to carry a total station, camera and scanner to do the work of one SX10. Now, they can benefit from a single, compact system - designed with input from law enforcement - with workflows specifically created for collision and crime reconstruction.” said Chad McFadden, business area manager for Trimble Forensics.

Combined with Trimble certified service, training and support, the Forensics SX10 Solution enables highly accurate, highly efficient crime scene and collision data capture that is the basis of solid case preparation.

The Trimble Forensics SX10 Solution is expected to be available from April 2018. To learn more, visit:

Last updated: 25/03/2019