Trimble Launches Nomad 5 Rugged Handheld Photogrammetry Suite - 06/11/2018

Trimble has revealed the Nomad 5 - the next generation in its Nomad series of rugged handheld computers, and a major upgrade to its Inpho software suite.

The tablet features a 5-inch sunlight-readable touchscreen and is based on an Android 8.1 operating system. Trimble claim the new device is intuitive to operate straight out of the box, and includes an ‘all-day’, user-replaceable battery.

Other notable specifications of the Nomad 5 are certified MIL-STD-810Go military specifications for ruggedness, programmable hard keys, and a 2.2GHz Qualcomm processor.

A unique feature of the tablet is a module bay that allows users to swap out replaceable modules such as RFID/Barcode, GNSS units or custom modules.

“The modular expansion system offers field workers the power to customise a mobile computing solution to their workflow,” said Ben John, business area director for Trimble Mobile Computing Solutions. “Being able to swap functionalities to suit the job at hand as well as the flexibility to complete multiple tasks with one device gives organisations the confidence of knowing their investment is adaptable for future needs.”

Also announced was version 9 of the Inpho photogrammetry software suite, featuring a new component - MATCH-3DX for 3D point cloud and orthomosaic creation.

MATCH-3DX utilises semi-global matching (SGM) techniques that allow new levels of precision and quality when generating large scale point clouds, assisting with edge identification enabling the extraction of highly precise measurements, CAD objects or Digital Surface Models (DSM).

It also contains a feature Trimble calls ‘True Orthophoto’ that directly relates each pixel to terrain height, simplifying mapping and GIS data overlay.

Last updated: 19/11/2018