Underwater Drone from Blueye Robotics Reveals New Ocean Depths - 10/07/2017

Blueye Robotics have introduced the Blueye Pioneer, an underwater drone that can dive eight times deeper than the average scuba enthusiast revealing parts of the ocean never seen before by non-scientists.

The Pioneer has capabilities that were previously found only in expensive professional equipment used by filmmakers, oceanographers and the military, but this drone is priced at consumer level.

The HD wide-angle video camera uses special technologies that work in low-light conditions and can communicate true-colour images, overcoming the problem of how colours change below 16 feet underwater.

“A custom algorithm was developed to add colour back into captured photos and videos. Now the mysterious realm of the ocean will be accessible to anyone with a smartphone, tablet or PC in full HD quality.” explained Christine Spiten, Co-founder and Strategy Director of Blueye Robotics.

Developed in the extreme conditions of the Arctic Ocean, Blueye Pioneer has a combination of compact size (15 lbs), power (three robust thrusters), stability and travels at speeds of 2.5 metres/second (5 knots). It can also perform flawlessly in rough currents and low temperatures thanks to its unique hydrodynamic balancing design.

At $3,500, Blueye Pioneer has the lowest price point for a professional-grade system. Currently in beta, it will be in production beginning January 2018. To read more visit: www.blueyerobotics.com/press

Last updated: 27/02/2018