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Falcon 8+
Falcon 8+
About Falcon 8+

The Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition is a rotary-wing unmanned aerial system designed for inspection and monitoring, or survey and mapping applications dependent on camera payloads used.

Easy to use, designed for stability and built-in fail-safes all ensure that the Falcon 8+ provides top-quality data, no matter the project.

The Falcon 8+ provides flexibility in tight spaces and challenging environments using industry-leading sensors, active vibration damping and compensation for the camera mount. Suitable for multi-acre mapping projects and for compact inspection sites, the drone is ideal for any task requiring high-resolution imaging.

Data links, remote control of the camera and the controls for the Falcon 8+ are completely integrated into the Ground Control Station (GCS) to provide absolute freedom of movement. Optional independent camera control also allows two-person operation for complex inspection flights.



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