Geomatics World January-February 2017

In this issue, Photogrammetry is on the increase, thanks to better software and smartphones. So just what is it capable of? Costain’s Richard Bath reports; Andrew D. Thompson explains how geomatics measurement techniques are being used in rights to light cases; Andrew Maltby gives a Geomatics perspective on the RICS Professional Guidance on Rights of Light published in March 2016; and a low-cost and small-scale remote sensing platform for aerial monitoring and survey applications and precision agriculture is presented by the authors.

Also, a review of KOREC's technology at the Silverstone race track; How Topcon’s Elite software suite integrates with the company’s latest hardware; and Richard Groom reports on Leica's Mobile Mapping Day where two new models and a refresh of others where shown in presentations and outdoor demos.

Plus, all the regular news & columns!

Geospatial Modelling

Specification tablePage 18: Geospatial Modelling and Rights to Light - GW reports on last November’s RICS fascinating lecture by Andrew D. Thompson on how geomatics measurement techniques are being used in rights to light cases. Read now.

Topcon’s Elite show

Specification tablePage 30: Topcon’s Elite Show at Olympic Park - GW recently saw how Topcon’s Elite software suite integrated with the company’s latest hardware. Read now.                                                          

Leica Mobile Mapping Day 2016

Specification tablePage 32: Mobile Mapping Chez Leica - Leica Geosystems mobile mapping day featured the UK release of two new pieces of equipment and a refresh of two others. Read now.

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