Geomatics World January/February 2018

In this issue, we have articles on Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds from Mattias Lemmens who outlines the status and prospects for automatic 3D mapping of road objects; Richard Groom discusses what is meant by smart cities and how it connects us; Ian Dowman reviews the activities at TSA including a new guide and reports on the conference; and we have our thoughts on the new UK Government Geospatial Commission.

Additionally, Ian Dowman reports on the new products and applications from the Commercial UAV Show in November; Papers from FIG Working Week are reviewed by Richard Groom; Adam Spring reports on the IAFSM Conference held in Atlanta; and we interview Philipp Amon, UAV Operations Manager at RIEGL, who tells us the current range of laser scanning products for UAVs and future developments.

Plus all the latest news and regular columns - Happy reading!

Editorial - Geospatial Prospects for the New Year

GW Editorial January/February 2018Page 05:  Geospatial Prospects for the New Year - 2018 is now upon us and promises to be interesting for everyone, with Brexit looming and an unstable economic and political situation, but there are encouraging developments as well. Read now.

Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds

Mobile Laser Scanning Point CloudsPage 16:  Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds: Automatic 3D Mapping of Road Objects - Mattias Lemmens outlines the status and prospects for automatic 3D mapping of road objects. Read now.

Smart Cities and Communities - Connecting Citizens

Smart Cities and CommunitiesPage 24:  Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens - The concept of smart cities is not always understood. Richard Groom reports from a conference on the topic and tries to make sense of the idea and what it can do for communities and citizens. Read now.

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