Geomatics World March/April 2017

This issue has some great examples of how the latest technologies like UAVs and laser scanners are being applied to geomatics and GIS.

Dr David Green and colleagues report on monitoring a river using UAVs and processing data using photogrammetry.
We take a look at Faro's impressive new UK calibration and service centre. We also see how mobile scanning can capture a major arch steel bridge, one of the longest in Europe.

There are reports too on Prof Stig Enemark's land mark Michael Barrett award lecture and the Geoforum lecture given by Tim Marshall on "Putting the Geo into Geopolitics" plus a review of Tim's book, "Prisoners of Geography".


River Restoration

Specification tablePage 14-17: Photogrammetry Aids River Restoration - Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry, UAVs and GIS are being used to chart the success of a river restoration project in Northern England. Read now.


GW Editorial March-April 2017Page 05:  Technology Continues to Surprise - The rate at which technology evolves continues to surprise and often emerges in response to genuine human need, even if the need is down to a failure of government. Read now.

Chair of the RICS Column

Gordon JohnstonPage 11: Surveyors? We’re in a Class of Our Own! - The profession continues to adapt and respond to ever changing external factors but our skills will always be in demand. Read now.

Mobile Scanning Tests Steel Arch Bridge

Specification tablePage 22-23: Steel Arch Bridge Test for Mobile Scanning - Data collection results from mobile scanning of an arch bridge have overcome the lack of flexibility in static systems. Read now.