Geomatics World November/December 2019

Geomatics World November-December 2019 cover

This issue of Geomatics World contains a mixture of articles. We have two long pieces on GNSS and drones, and several shorter pieces on case studies of interest. The number of GNSS constellations has increased significantly in recent years as have the uses of GNSS. Huibert-Jan Lekkerkerk gives a comprehensive review of systems, applications and processing and shows how he expects more integrated receivers in the future.

Further articles include:

- How Establishing a UAV Fleet Help Your Business Take Off
- WW2 Tunnels Surveyed with SLAM Technology
- Abseiling with a Handheld Camera
- Colouring London

Best Practices in Drone Mapping

Best Practices in Drone MappingUnmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or 'drones') are increasingly becoming the solution of choice and have indeed proven to be a disruptive force across a multitude of industries in the past decade, including for the geospatial surveying profession. But will drones really provide all the answers to your mapping challenges? We interviewed five pioneers in the field to take us beyond the hype, explaining the lessons they have learned from the frontline and sharing their insights on the best ways to introduce UAVs into your business model. Read on...

Colouring London

Colouring LondonColouring London is a crowdsourcing initiative created by UCL's Bartlett Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) and supported by Ordnance Survey, Historic England and the Mayor of London. The project will create a coloured map which can be interrogated to provide details of a building. Colour is important for  visualising the data categories and expressing the richness and diversity of the urban environment. The project has started in London but can be transferred to other cities. Read on...

Towards Smarter Solutions

Reflections on Intergeo 2019Intergeo is a leading annual industry showcase where geospatial professionals gain an excellent impression of the latest innovations. On the brink of a new decade, Intergeo 2019 gave us a glimpse of the future. Solutions are getting smaller and smarter, and there are some new kids on the block. But with all the buzz around machine learning and artificial intelligence, how can we cut through the hype to get the most out of the rapidly advancing technology? Read on...

Past, Present and Future of Positioning

Past, Present and Future of PositioningSatellite surveying… are there any industry professionals out there not using it on (almost) a daily basis? Over the last 30 years, GNSS has become the main positioning instrument for most applications. Of course, there are still some exceptions where correct (relative) positioning is needed and dedicated optical systems such as a total station or level instrument are used, but even these are often set up over control points determined using GNSS techniques. This article investigates the developments in GNSS over the last decade and attempts to predict the future. Read on...