Geomatics World September/October 2017

In this issue, Simon Crutchley and Fiona Small from Historic England show how a combination of Lidar and aerial photography can reveal a lost Roman Road; Peter Hedland explains the work of Ordnance Survey International in helping overseas governments and organisations; A case study from Phil Mills on the use of photogrammetry for analysis of Derwent Reservoir; and Richard Groom reports from a press breakfast meeting all about the Leica BLK360 laser scanner.

Also, Ian Dowman reports on the Cambridge Conference which brings together senior managers from 33 countries to discuss future challenges; Richard Groom gives an insight into strategy and innovation at the OS after attending the Joint OS/RICS CPD Day; and Ian Dowman reports on the RICS BIM Conference with the theme of Past, Present and Future.

Plus, all the regular news & columns!

Lidar Reveals Lost Roman Road

Lidar Reveals Lost Roman RoadPage 14:  Lidar Reveals Lost Roman Road - Analysis of Lidar and aerial photography by Simon Crutchley and Fiona Small, both of Historic England, has led to the rediscovery of a route long-speculated from Roman times. Read now.

Surveying Above and Below the Water Line

Lidar Reveals Lost Roman RoadPage 23:  Surveying Above and Below the Water Line - Phil Mills presents a case study of Derwent Reservoir looking at the accuracy of photogrammetry underwater and surrounding the reservoir and at the value of the imagery for assessing the condition of the embankment. Read now.

BLK is Coming

GW Editorial September-October 2017Page 30:  BLK is Coming – Be Ready! - Leica’s BLK360 laser scanner has been taking North America by storm and had also aroused interest at Autodesk University in London earlier in the week. Read now.

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