Engineering Surveying Showcase: Latest Magazine

In this issue, the results of Gwalia Surveyors taking to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, to prove the applicability of laser scanned data in a Smart Cities project; John Stenmark explains how the Trimble Catalyst GNSS receiver is set to bring a new era; Casey Rutland tries to answer the question ‘How do we check that what is physically constructed reflects the ‘as designed’ digital twin in construction software?’; Mathias Lemmens considers the state of automatic 3D mapping of road objects from point clouds acquired by mobile mapping systems; Lucy Hamilton explains how PM Consultants went about adding 3D laser scanning into their range of services, and an explanation of the early results of an international benchmarking initiative for terrestrial laser scanning methods in forest inventories.

We also have six specification tables on UAS Lidar Systems; GNSS Receivers; Point Cloud Processing Software; Mobile Mapping Systems; Total Stations; and Terrestrial Laser Scanners.

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