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Techmake Eagle X Drone Equips Velodyne Lidar Sensors

Velodyne Lidar has announced that Techmake Solutions, an IT consulting and technology development company, is including Velodyne lidar sensors in its... (read more)

Topcon Introduces Heads-up Display for Hands-free Construction Layout

Topcon Positioning Group has introduced the LN-100 hands-free, voice-activated heads-up display (HUD) solution. This wearable assistant provides visual layout d... (read more)

Juniper Systems Releases Two Rugged Handheld Computers

Juniper Systems Limited has released two rugged handheld computers, each the third generation in their respective product lines. The Allegro 3 Rugged Handh... (read more)

Fugro Supports Dutch Roads Maintenance Under 5-Year Survey Contract

Fugro is commencing a five-year contract to undertake road pavement condition surveys in the Netherlands for Rijkswaterstaat (part of the Dutch Ministry of Infr... (read more)

Trimble Announces High-accuracy Field Device for GIS Applications

Trimble has announced a high-performance field computer for its Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) portfolio – the Trimble TDC150 handheld.... (read more)

Hemisphere GNSS Announce Atlas-capable Multi-GNSS Vector V200

Hemisphere GNSS have announced a single-frequency, multi-GNSS Vector V200 smart antenna with integrated Atlas L-band designed for general marine applications an... (read more)

Topcon Introduces GTL-1000 Total Station for Vertical Construction

Topcon Positioning Group has introduced a scanning robotic total station – the GTL-1000. A compact scanner integrated with a fully featured robotic total... (read more)

Bluesky Purchases First Leica CityMapper in the UK

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has invested in the world’s most advanced combined Lidar and camera system specifically designed for 3D city modelling and... (read more)
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