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GeoSLAM Welcomes ZEB-HORIZON for Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

GeoSLAM has announced the launch of the ZEB-HORIZON - the next generation of handheld 3D laser scanners, capable of rapidly capturing intricate indoor and outdo... (read more)

Satellites Create 3D Height Map of Earth

The German space agency (DLR) has released a 3D height map of Earth. Built from images acquired by two radar satellites (TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X), it traces the... (read more)

Satellite Images Capture Major Oil Spill in Mediterranean Sea

French and Italian maritime authorities have commenced cleaning a major spill that has spread 20km in the Mediterranean Sea after two cargo ships coll... (read more)

FARO and Stormbee Announce Airborne 3D Scanning Solution

FARO, a provider of 3D measurement and imaging solutions for construction BIM, and Stormbee, a pioneer in mobile UAV technology, have partnered up to offer an i... (read more)

HxGN SmartNet Available in Mexico City for Precise Positioning Services

HxGN SmartNet, the world’s largest precise positioning service with more than 4,500 reference stations worldwide, has arrived in Mexico City and surroundi... (read more)

Highways Surveyors Set New Direction with Name Change to Saber

Highways Surveyors, one of the UK’s largest providers of information and analysis for highway condition and inventory, has rebranded as Saber (Asset Manag... (read more)

Ex-Apple Engineers Produce Integrated Solid-state Lidar

Ex-Apple engineers working for Aeva have developed a solid-state with a range of 200 metres. It’s slated to cost “a few hundred bucks” when pr... (read more)

Shining 3D Announces Two Wireless Handheld 3D Scanners

China-based Shining 3D has announced two wireless handheld 3D scanners. With an extensive background in the 3D digitising and printing industry, the company own... (read more)
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