First Keynote Announced for International Lidar Mapping Forum 2020

The International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) has announced that Tara O’Shea, director of forest programmes at Planet, will give a keynote presentation titled ‘Combining Remote Sensing & Analytics Technologies: Emerging Environmental Applications’ at the 2020 event. This highly anticipated keynote, the first of several available to both ILMF and the co-located ASPRS Annual Conference attendees, will kick off three days of conference programming at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC, USA, on 23 March 2020. During her presentation, O'Shea will examine the explosion in the availability of remotely sensed data over the past decade and its impact... (read more)
2020-01-20 11:34:06

Velodyne Lidar Introduces Low-cost Small Lidar Sensor

Velodyne Lidar has introduced Velabit, the company’s smallest sensor that brings new levels of versatility and affordability to 3D Lidar perception. The Velabit leverages Velodyne’s innovative Lidar technology and manufacturing partnerships for cost optimization and high-volume production. The sensor contributes to Velodyne’s mission to make high-quality 3D Lidar sensors readily accessible to everyone. The Velabit perfectly complements Velodyne’s sensor portfolio. The sensor delivers the same technology and performance found on Velodyne’s full suite of sensors and is set to be the catalyst for creating endless possibilities for new applications in a variety of industries. The compact Velabit can be embedded... (read more)
2020-01-16 09:18:33

Global Lidar Mapping Market to Exceed US$4 Billion by 2026

According to Global Market Insights, the worldwide Lidar in mapping market is expected to exceed US$4 billion by 2026. The rising demand to reduce the risks associated with natural disasters such as floods, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes is supporting the demand for Lidar in mapping solutions. The Lidar in mapping market growth across the globe is attributed to the increase in government efforts to identify new sources of energy. Government authorities are using Lidar technology to locate suitable locations to place pipelines for the oil & gas industry. The private companies are also utilizing Lidar technology for quick & safe mapping of... (read more)
2020-01-15 09:27:07

Downtown Dublin as a Lidar Point Cloud

A Highly Accurate, Diverse and Dense Annotated Laser Scanning Dataset of a City Centre
The advance of Lidar data acquisition technologies is substantially increasing the amount of spatial data obtained and it is becoming cost-prohibitive to process it manually. Artificial intelligence (AI) has now started to offer cost-effective solutions to analyse and utilize those big datasets. AI can be employed for scene understanding, accurately detecting objects and classifying 3D assets. These are the significant fundamentals of several applications including autonomous navigation, intelligent robotics, urban planning, emergency management and even forest monitoring. The most popular types of 3D spatial information for such applications are Lidar and imagery data. This article describes the dense annotated ground-truth... (read more)
2019-11-27 10:05:38

Bluesky Completes UK and Ireland Survey Season

Aerial mapping company Bluesky has completed another survey season in the UK and Ireland. Capturing around 70,000 square kilometres of aerial photography – of which about 70% is high resolution – the total area flown equates to around twice the size of the Netherlands. This year was marked by using an innovative hybrid airborne sensor combining vertical and oblique imagery together with 3D laser scanning. In addition to the true ortho photography, which is used to create 3D height models of the earth’s bare surface (Digital Terrain Models / DTM) and ground features including buildings and trees (Digital Surface Models... (read more)
2019-12-17 10:55:25

SimActive Adds Lidar to Point Cloud Processing Solution

In response to the growing use of Lidar, photogrammetry software developer SimActive has integrated a new Lidar workflow in its Correlator3D product. The capability enables users to import a point cloud in the software and to perform registration with an image dataset. Using Lidar as control eliminates the need for traditional ground control points (GCPs) during image processing. Registration occurs during aerial triangulation, leading to a precise alignment of imagery with the Lidar data. Following this, Correlator3D can output colourized point clouds as well as seamless orthomosaics. “Removing the need to manually tag GCPs facilitates the integration of Lidar data... (read more)
2019-12-11 11:36:23

Point Clouds – the Representation of the Third Kind

Point clouds represent the world at its best: up to date, and with every detail there is to be known. Most articles pay particular attention to the data acquisition of such point clouds, as they are obtained from 1) Lidar time-stamped reflections with the advantage of indicating ‘empty’ space between the observation point(s) and surface points, and 2) images by structure from motion (SfM) and dense image matching (DIM) techniques with the benefit of colour-enriched points. Nowadays they are not only obtained by high-end professional equipment, but also ever-more point clouds are ever-increasingly captured using low-cost (consumer) hardware such as... (read more)
2019-12-11 09:30:56

International Lidar Mapping Forum Announces 2020 Conference Programme

The International Lidar Mapping Forum (ILMF) has released its 2020 conference programme featuring a robust and diverse line-up of keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions led by industry experts. This year marks the 20th anniversary of ILMF, the premier event for surveying and mapping technologies including airborne, mobile and bathymetric Lidar as well as other remote sensing technologies. The 2020 conference, the first to take place in Washington, DC, will feature heavy representation from government organizations that employ surveying and mapping technologies. These presentations will explore topics such as national mapping programmes, statewide projects, updates from the US Geological... (read more)
2019-12-11 08:49:38

Bluesky Launches MetroVista 3D City Mapping Service in US

Aerial mapping company Bluesky International has launched a new 3D data capture programme in the US. The MetroVista product suite sees high resolution imagery, both vertical and oblique, captured simultaneously with high accuracy, wide scale 3D data using an advanced Leica camera. Described as the world’s first hybrid sensor, Bluesky has been operating the Leica CityMapper camera commercially for two flying seasons in Europe. Bluesky was the first aerial survey operator in Europe to deploy the new camera and has already captured MetroVista data for cities across the UK including London, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol. The CityMapper sensor will be... (read more)
2019-12-04 08:41:08

SimActive Introduces New Lidar Workflow

SimActive, a world-leading developer of photogrammetry software, has announced a new Lidar workflow integrated into its Correlator3D product. The capability allows the import of a point cloud in the software and the performance of registration with an image dataset. Using Lidar as a control eliminates the need for traditional ground control points (GCPs) when processing the photos. The registration occurs during aerial triangulation, leading to a precise alignment of imagery with the Lidar data. Following this, Correlator3D can output colourized point clouds as well as seamless orthomosaics. “Removing the need to manually tag GCPs facilitates the integration of Lidar data... (read more)
2019-12-04 08:33:17
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