OS Heading Towards Real-time Mapping - Joint OS/RICS CPD Day 2017

The RICS hosted an event with the snappy title ‘Joint OS/RICS CPD day’ at St George Street in July. Not too many clues in the title but within the packaging was an insight into strategy and innovation at the OS. Innovation was approached from several angles. In a view that was reflected later by Alex Wrottesley, from the GeoVation Hub, Neil Ackroyd, Chief Operating Officer, spoke of a future when OS will be mapping almost in real time. As Wrottesley put it, the time between data capture and use could be reduced from months to seconds. “Change is our currency,”... (read more)
2017-09-05 12:56:41

GEO Business 2019 Opens Registration

GEO Business, geospatial exhibition and conference, has announced that registration is now open! With more exhibition space than ever before, GEO Business 2019 is on track to be another record-breaking event. An unprecedented number of exhibitors rebooked their stands and new exhibitors are still booking to be a part of what is shaping up to be the most successful GEO Business event to date. In addition to the main exhibition, there are also opportunities for exhibitors within the various dedicated industry zones including Drone, Start Up, Education and new for 2019 the Marine Zone. The event will return to the... (read more)
2018-12-21 10:38:10

Consolidation of AI and Autonomy - Commercial UAV Show 2018

The 2018 Commercial UAV show was as busy and wide-ranging as in previous years. Mapping did not have a high profile although some exhibitors were promoting photogrammetry and mapping in general and several seminar and conference sessions featured mapping. The overarching theme of the event could be characterisied as consolidation and looking to the future. Artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy were strong themes, meaning the development of smart drones. This includes interaction with robots to manage battery change for example, although it is unlikely that we will see genuine autonomous UAVs very soon. But several exhibitors claim the use of... (read more)
2019-01-23 03:46:04

Heritage Mapping Takes Advantage of New Technology

The theme of this GW issue is the mapping of cultural features. This topic has been brought to public attention recently with the fire at Notre Dame, Paris. The French have a strong record of mapping cultural features and it is to be hoped that they have a good archive of images of Notre Dame. We include a very varied set of articles which show the range of features covered and the variety of techniques used. We have included articles featuring some of these topics in recent years but to see them together demonstrates the versatility of the techniques and... (read more)
2019-05-29 04:26:05

The Way Forward with the Geospatial Commission

By the time you read this, we will be into the 2018/19 evening lecture sessions. These evening events are a real fulcrum of interaction, geospatial market insight, outreach and a coming together of professionals from across our sectors. In many ways a display of RICS ‘soft’ power, the power to influence. The first two lectures feature the national and international focus of RICS Geomatics. William Priest from the Geospatial Commission gave the first lecture in October and Clarissa Augustinus ex-head of UN Habitat GLTN will give the second lecture on 29 November. Clarissa's lecture is previewed in this issue of... (read more)
2018-11-08 12:23:34

HM Land Registry Looks to the Future

Andrew Trigg, Chief Geospatial and Data Officer at HM Land Registry, sets out exciting developments leading to new products, better interoperability between agencies and innovation. Our data is everywhere. Walk down any street in England and Wales and there’s a strong chance we’ll know the recent history of every property. Read any report on the housing market and it’s a good bet the writer will have consulted our Price Paid Data or the UK House Price Index. Download a new app for home hunters and you can almost be certain the innovators behind the technology will have used our data... (read more)
2018-11-08 12:47:50

Classifying Urban Poor Areas with Satellite Imagery

Hannes Taubenböck and his team at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) are using very high-resolution (VHR) satellite imagery, supplied by European Space Imaging, combined with auxiliary surveys to develop a base model classification system for the shape and structure of urban poor areas around the world. Slum, favela, tenement… whatever term you use, nearly every country in the world has some form of urban poor areas.  Taubenböck, Kraff and Wurm identify these locations as 'Arrival Cities', defined as places offering relatively affordable housing serving as an access to a city, its society and its functions (a concept based on Doug... (read more)
2019-08-21 12:02:07

A New Start with Well Established Themes

The new editor of Geomatics World pays tribute to the work of Stephen Booth, editor of GW for 25 years and introduces priorities for the future. It is a great privilege to take over the position of editor of Geomatics World and I look forward to working with readers, contributors and advertisers in continuing to produce a first class magazine. My first job must be to acknowledge the enormous contribution of Stephen Booth to developing GW to its current preeminent position, and to publicising the work of geomatics professionals in the UK and around the world. His wide knowledge and... (read more)
2017-09-05 02:19:57

Skills Gap - More Opportunities for Women?

More needs to be done to raise awareness of the opportunities for girls in surveying and construction says RICS Geomatics Professional Group chair Chris Preston. Meanwhile success internationally with measurement standards prompts a switch to ethics. As I write this, my wife and I have just returned from holiday and it really has been quite hard to get my mind back to all things work related. However, it did provide some time for reflection on where the industry is going. GeoBusiness was, for the second year running, a fantastic event and a wonderful showcase of our industry. What are your... (read more)
2017-10-11 03:54:32

Gaining Speed and Direction - UN-GGIM 2017

Durk Haarsma reports that UN Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) has made great progress in taking both practical and strategic action to implement and strengthen geospatial information management for the member states. This summer at the UN headquarters in New York, USA, 400 delegates from 90 countries met for the Seventh Session of UN-GGIM. The agenda included the development of frameworks, guidelines, norms, standards and capacities, all with a particular focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Following the adoption by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the resolution on ‘Strengthening institutional... (read more)
2017-11-02 03:23:13
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