How Is FIG Dealing with the Coronavirus Crisis?

Q&A with Rudolf Staiger
What impact is the coronavirus pandemic having on the geospatial industry worldwide? We asked the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) how it is coping with the crisis. President Rudolf Staiger shares his vision on the current situation, zooms in on the cancellation of the FIG Working Week and concludes with an optimistic message for the mapping and surveying sector. What is your business continuity plan to overcome the coronavirus challenges? As president of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG), I can only answer on two different levels: The first one is the view of our members. One of the strengths of FIG... (read more)
2020-03-25 08:02:48

Phase One Industrial Launches 280MP Aerial Solution

Phase One Industrial has launched the 280MP Aerial Solution, a large-format aerial photogrammetric system, with an image coverage width of more than 20,000 pixels. The new aerial mapping solution is designed to reduce operating costs and produce better returns on investment than today’s traditional large-format systems. The Phase One Industrial 280MP Aerial Solution is a large-format camera system that easily integrates with a DSM400 gyro-stabilized mount, creating a compact and lightweight system for use in a wide range of aircraft. At its heart, the iXM-RS 280F is a dual-lens metric camera, with 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information, providing precision... (read more)
2020-03-23 03:57:09

No Trade Shows and Conferences… So What Are the Alternatives?

Now that most trade shows and conferences are being cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, professionals in the geospatial industry are looking for other ways to keep one another informed. Perhaps you’re launching a new laser scanner or indoor mapping solution, or you want to share knowledge about innovative methods that achieve real efficiency gains… but which platforms can you use instead of physical events? At Geomatics World, we offer several possibilities to fill the gaps in your communication strategy. A webinar is an excellent alternative to presenting details of your research or survey project at an industry... (read more)
2020-03-17 11:58:39

KOREC and NCTech Launch KlearView360°

KOREC and NCTech have announced the launch of KlearView360°, a streamlined, hosted system designed for the identification of assets, defects or changes within images collected by vehicle or backpack. Developed as a cost-effective solution, KlearView360° makes vehicle-mounted asset inspection accessible to local authorities and many others. The system is a joint partnership between the two companies, combining NCTech’s iSTAR Pulsar+ high-resolution camera for capturing 360° imagery at carriageway speeds with KOREC’s K-Portal cloud-based hosting solution for live progress monitoring of a project and the assignment of work orders. KlearView360° also enables work management instructions to be communicated to mobile workers... (read more)
2020-03-17 09:16:27

Bluesky 3D Model Supports Glasgow’s Plans for Regeneration and Data Integration

A detailed 3D model of Glasgow is helping shape the future of the city centre. Created by aerial mapping company, Bluesky International, the expanded Glasgow Urban Model helps planners and developers enhance their understanding of the built environment, improve communication and consultation within the planning system and promote and showcase the regeneration of Scotland’s biggest city. Derived from the latest aerial photography, the model aims to help stakeholders and members of the public become more involved in planning decisions and facilitate the ongoing promotion of Glasgow at a national and international level. Integration with BIM and planning-related information It is... (read more)
2020-03-16 11:41:40

BigChange Maps Out Cyclehoop’s On-Street Cycle Parking Revolution

Cyclehoop, the innovator of secure on-street cycle parking solutions, has introduced the latest mobile and mapping technology as part of a cloud-based, mobile resources management system from BigChange. Using tablets and phones running a mobile app called JobWatch, field operatives synchronize in real-time with the office as part of a completely paperless management system that has transformed productivity and allowed Cyclehoop to rapidly expand their business. Cyclehoop’s award-winning innovations have transformed cycling in cities across Britain, and 16 countries worldwide, by providing secure on-street parking for bicycles. Cyclehoop’s iconic Bikehangar takes just half a car parking space to create six cycle parking... (read more)
2020-03-11 08:38:26

Geo Week/ILMF Postponed Due to Coronavirus Concerns

Diversified Communications has made the “very difficult decision” to postpone the upcoming edition of Geo Week, which was planned to take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC, USA, from 23-25 March. This is due to the magnitude of the unanticipated public health and safety issues posed by the rapidly escalating COVID-19 outbreaks and contagion. The organization will inform the geospatial community of the new 2020 dates and details shortly. Important follow-up communications from Diversified can be found on the Geo Week website, and will also be reported by GIM International and Geomatics World. Here, you... (read more)
2020-03-11 08:24:05

Latest Lidar Technology to Provide 3D Models of New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay Landscapes

An interesting regional collaboration between all five councils of New Zealand’s Hawke’s Bay Region has taken off. Aerial surveying of the region has started and geographic data is being collected to create highly detailed 3D maps and models of the landscape, using the latest Lidar technology. Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, on behalf of Central Hawke’s Bay District Council, Hastings District Council, Napier City Council and Wairoa District Council, secured funding from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) for the region. The Regional Council will be running the project which is part of a national Lidar programme. 3D models for economic development Regional... (read more)
2020-03-10 11:39:55

Hydrographic and Geophysical Surveys in Celtic Sea and Atlantic Ocean

Hydrographic and geophysical survey operations will be undertaken by INFOMAR in the Celtic Sea and the Atlantic Ocean between April and October this year, according to a recent marine notice from the Irish Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport. INFOMAR is a joint programme between Geological Survey Ireland and the Marine Institute, surveying unmapped marine territory and creating a range of integrated mapping products of the physical, chemical and biological features of the seabed. Covering some 125,000 sq. km of underwater territory, INFOMAR will produce integrated mapping products covering the physical, chemical and biological features of the seabed. Both Irish Marine Institute vessels,... (read more)
2020-03-10 08:47:01

How Will Coronavirus Impact on Upcoming Events?

The postponement of the Land and Poverty Conference, Geo Connect Asia and Oceanology International due to the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) raises the question of whether other upcoming events will still go ahead. How is the outbreak likely to impact on industry trade shows and conferences? To find out, ‘GIM International’ touched base with the organizing committees of some of the main geospatial-related events due to be held in the coming months. Geo Week "As the colocation of International Lidar Mapping Forum, ASPRS Annual Conference, and the MAPPS Federal Programs Conference nears, we understand there are concerns and questions around... (read more)
2020-03-09 09:37:47
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