From Nautical Chart to Digital Marine Mapping

Digital marine mapping became possible with the arrival of the electronic chart. The authors, who pioneered the re-engineering of this data for use in GIS, question whether the requirement has been fully met or whether fundamental issues still exist. It has been over ten years since UK marine environmental and engineering consultancy, Metoc, started to re-engineer UK Hydrographic Office data to make it suitable for use in GIS. Mike Osborne and John Pepper, who pioneered this work and are now directors of marine data management and GIS specialist, OceanWise, consider how the requirement for digital marine mapping has changed over... (read more)
2017-08-24 03:46:51

Landmark Solutions Modernises MAGIC Mapping Service

Landmark Solutions has announced the completion of modernising the functionality for Natural England’s MAGIC website. The interactive service generates over ten million maps every month, using over 300 data layers, and provides free access to over 2,500 users every day. Landmark, which hosts and delivers the interactive mapping tool, has revamped MAGIC with a modern user interface, making it easier to access a huge array of maps and data from any device. Enhanced search tools for mapping layers have also been introduced, as well as improved printing options and a range of new tutorial videos for users looking to make... (read more)
2017-11-21 10:42:32

International LiDAR Mapping Forum Announces Keynote Speakers

Dr Ronald M. Sega, Woodward Professor of Systems Engineering and Director of Graduate Studies in Systems Engineering at Colorado State University, and Gretchen West, Vice President, Business Development and Regulatory Affairs at DroneDeploy, will deliver keynote addresses at International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF). The 15th annual technical conference and exhibition will take place 23-25 February 2015 in Denver. Dr Sega’s Keynote is entitled “A Systems Approach to Remote Sensing and Gaining Understanding in Various Applications.” In it, he will explore the evolution of individual systems and the increasing opportunities to gain insight and value when viewed from an integrated systems... (read more)
2017-01-10 05:06:06

Murphy Surveys Expands Subsurface Mapping Team

Murphy Surveys has introduced the IDS GeoRadar Stream C as their latest addition. The Stream C solution will augment their existing service offering and will provide clients with faster, more accurate, real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities and buried features. Furthermore, they have announced two vacancies for Utility Surveyors in the UK. “We’re experiencing a rise in demand of subsurface mapping in the UK,” said Kai Duebbert, Managing Director Murphy Surveys. “Our clients want increasing visibility of the location and position of underground utilities, to make more informed decisions on the design and build of a site. But, more importantly... (read more)
2018-07-26 01:29:32

Trimble Announces MX9 Mobile Mapping System

Trimble Geospatial has announced the release of the MX9 mobile mapping solution which combines a vehicle-mounted mobile lidar system, multi-camera imaging and field software for efficient, precise and high-volume data capture for a broad range of mobile mapping applications such as road surveys, topographic mapping, 3D-modelling and asset management. The MX9 captures dense point cloud data along with 360 degree immersive geo-referenced imagery using an industry-leading spherical camera, GNSS/INS technology and dual-head laser scanning sensors. The lightweight design facilitates easy installation and setup on a variety of vehicles. Spatial data can be captured at highway speeds from inside the vehicle... (read more)
2018-02-07 11:00:21

Heritage Mapping Takes Advantage of New Technology

The theme of this GW issue is the mapping of cultural features. This topic has been brought to public attention recently with the fire at Notre Dame, Paris. The French have a strong record of mapping cultural features and it is to be hoped that they have a good archive of images of Notre Dame. We include a very varied set of articles which show the range of features covered and the variety of techniques used. We have included articles featuring some of these topics in recent years but to see them together demonstrates the versatility of the techniques and... (read more)
2019-05-29 04:26:05

UK is a Leader in Heritage Mapping

The mapping of historical cultural features, which we will call heritage mapping, is mainly based on photogrammetric methods. Mapping for this purpose has been going on for many years using a great variety of techniques. There are also many applications from conservation and archaeology to museums and public understanding. Early Developments The use of photogrammetry for recording buildings was introduced during the late 19th century by the German civil engineer and architect Albrecht Meydenbauer, and techniques and applications have been developing and extending ever since. In the United Kingdom, the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England (RCHME) was a government... (read more)
2019-05-30 04:22:17

Delair Releases ‘Future Proof’ Geospatial Mapping Tool UX11 UAV

Delair has announced the release of the UX11, a fixed-wing UAV designed specifically to capture high quality imagery for survey-grade geospatial mapping applications. According to Delair, the system is designed to ‘future proof the use of open and extensible edge-computing infrastructure that can be easily upgraded and incorporate new features as they are developed.’ The DX11 also includes a number of integrated features, such as a global shutter camera, analytics and data reporting tools, PPK functionality. As for range, it can fly up to 59 minutes, or over 500 acres of mapped area when flown at 400ft. It weighs 1.4kg,... (read more)
2018-05-09 11:41:15

GeoSLAM Welcomes ZEB-HORIZON for Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

GeoSLAM has announced the launch of the ZEB-HORIZON - the next generation of handheld 3D laser scanners, capable of rapidly capturing intricate indoor and outdoor measurements from up to 100m without the need for GPS. With a ‘walk-and-scan’ method of data collection, the ZEB-HORIZON allows users to deliver accurate results at speed, by emitting seven times more points per second, enabling detailed feature detection. Its versatility also allows the scanner to be mounted on drones for aerial surveys in difficult-to-reach or potentially hazardous locations, backpack integration with a panoramic camera for enriched point clouds, a pole option for elevation and... (read more)
2018-10-17 12:13:04

Gexcel Presents New HERON Indoor Mobile Mapping Systems

The HERON AC-2 and HERON MS-2 (rugged devices for underground mines or difficult indoor environments) have been released and added to Gexcel’s portfolio. Both devices are available in the Colour configuration. With these releases, HERON has become a powerful tool for geospatial data mining to digitally document, collect and geo-reference large datasets and information for indoor environments when integrated with OrbitGT packages. Benefits to customers include: Great value for facility management, geospatial applications, digital 3D documentation, digital twins for remote planning and project, revamping projects of industrial plants, etc. The GoBlueprint free tool (fast point clouds 2D visualisation), which HERON users can easily... (read more)
2019-01-03 10:06:41
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