Why a Smart City is the Only Possible City

There are not so many people around thinking about the area they dwell in. I mean really thinking about efficiency, economy, aesthetics, and standards. We rarely even raise our heads up and turn our eyes away from our smartphones to contemplate the scenery or enjoy the view in a city – and more often than not it’s justified. City of the Past In the past, cities were organized next to water supplies with the distance not exceeding one mile from a river or lake, which made water delivery possible. With the invention of the automobile, cities stretched to indecent distances,... (read more)
2019-06-05 05:51:24

Bluesky Ultra High-resolution Aerial Mapping Supports Smart City

The UK city of Hull has been photographed from the air using the latest ultra-high resolution survey cameras. Captured by aerial mapping company Bluesky, the 5cm pixel resolution imagery is so detailed that road markings, street furniture and property boundaries are all clearly visible. It is hoped the new digital photomap will provide a common platform for data and systems for developing a range of applications to improve decision making in support of the councils Smart City ambitions. With detailed on-street views accessible from the desktop, the aerial photography is also expected to save the council thousands of pounds by... (read more)
2018-10-03 10:13:44

Are We Being Smart Enough About Smart?

With location the common denominator, there are great opportunities ahead for surveyors, argues Ordnance Survey’s Simon Navin (above), if we realise the benefits for communities through interoperable data from Smart technologies like BIM, Big Data and the Internet of Things. In man’s universal search for simplicity, sometimes we do make life hard for ourselves. The term ‘Smart’ – according to British Standards Institute (BSI) Smart Cities – may mean ‘visionary; citizen-centric; digital; open and collaborative’. Or (if we look at ISO 37101), it may mean ‘... to contribute to sustainable development and resilience, through soundly based decision making and the... (read more)
2017-03-02 05:45:17

Is there a Role for Geomatics in Smart Cities? - Smart Cities Summit 2016

The Smart Cities Summit focused on the concept of “Smart” for cities, homes and industry. The foundation for smart is surely location but was this appreciated at the summit? Prof. Ian Dowman reports. Location is an essential component if data is to be analysed, visualised and presented in order to make cities smart, but if the papers and discussion in the Smart Cities Summit are to be taken as an indicator, to the developers and decision makers involved in making a city smart, location is taken for granted. The Smart Summit held in London on 21st and 22nd September had... (read more)
2017-03-02 04:58:40

Scaling the Geo Summit - Smart Summit 2017

This year’s Smart Summit event took place at the Business Design Centre in Islington over two days in September. The conference, which had twenty exhibitors, was split into six streams – Smart Home, Smart Cities, Smart Insurance, Smart Retail, Smart Utilities and LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Networks). The exhibition was dominated by products for the smart home and it was the Smart Home conference stream that attracted most attention from delegates. Where’s the Geo? This was an event that was strangely devoid of ‘geo’. Indeed the only geo word that I heard over the two days was ‘geofence’. When... (read more)
2017-11-03 10:31:10

Connecting Citizens - Smart Cities and Communities 2017

The concept of smart cities is not always understood. Richard Groom reports from a conference on the topic and tries to make sense of the idea and what it can do for communities and citizens. 2017 seemed to be the year of the Smart City and the second conference in as many months took place in London, UK on 9 November. Smart Cities and Communities: Connecting Citizens seemed rather more relevant than the Smart Summit, reported in GW Nov/Dec. At least it certainly started on the right path, ably guided by the chairman Joe Dignan from consultancy, Kintechi Ltd. The... (read more)
2018-01-15 10:50:02

Keep it Spatial, Keep it Smart

The recent FIG working week in New Zealand and GEO Business in London all highlight the growing influence of geospatial. But will our core skills change? asks Gordon Johnston, chair of the Geomatics Professional Group, ahead of an RICS review. Following the mantra of KISS (“Keep it Simple Stupid”) often takes considerable will power. In a profession too often buried in its own complexities, taking this approach can be as big a challenge as the decision itself being considered, due I think to our association with detail. It means making a decision can be difficult but the debates and discussions... (read more)
2016-12-23 04:45:29

3D City Modelling of Istanbul

Issues, Challenges and Limitations
The Turkish city of Istanbul is developing a 3D city model mainly aimed at urban planning. The data sources used so far include airborne Lidar, aerial images and 2D maps containing footprints of buildings. Everybody engaged in creating 3D models of large cities faces many issues, challenges and limitations, including excessive data storage requirements, the need for manual editing, incompleteness and other data quality problems. In this article, the authors share their experiences on creating models of the city of Istanbul at the level of detail (LOD) 2 and 3. The core data for creating the 3D city model of... (read more)
2019-05-27 08:51:16

Being Smart about the Future - World Built Environment Forum 2018

The third annual RICS World Built Environment Forum (WBEF) Summit was held at the Intercontinental Hotel at the O2, North Greenwich, London on 23-24 April. It attracted over a thousand delegates from the property profession. The event was a combination of keynote speakers and panel sessions ably facilitated by Chinese broadcaster James Chau, who introduced the speakers and transformed questions from the audience into a logical sequence. Tesla – A Company with Vision There were morning and afternoon plenary sessions together with breakout sessions. The highlight of day one was a talk by J. B. Straubel, co-founder and CTO of... (read more)
2018-07-05 12:12:24

Hexagon to Showcase its Smart Cities & Nations Portfolios at Intergeo

Hexagon, a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions, is showcasing its Smart Buildings & Infrastructure and Smart Cities & Nations portfolios at the Intergeo trade show and conference in Stuttgart, Germany, 17-19 September. The event’s theme, 'Knowledge and Action for Planet Earth', and special focus on the expansion of digital technology in mobility, construction and location intelligence applications, tie directly to Hexagon’s overarching value proposition: to shape production and urban ecosystems to become fully autonomous and connected. As stated by Hexagon’s president and CEO, Ola Rollén, “The ultimate form of data leverage is when tasks and processes become... (read more)
2019-09-11 10:44:27
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