PhotoSat Delivers Satellite Surveying of AbraPlata Diablillos in Argentina

PhotoSat has announced the completion of a satellite survey of the AbraPlata Diablillos Project in Argentina. The surveying was carried out using stereo photos from the high-resolution DigitalGlobe WorldView-3 imaging satellite. With the survey consisting of an elevation point every metre, contours with 1m elevation intervals, and over 200 ground survey points; the survey accuracy is better than 20cm in elevation. "We are delighted to have the opportunity to apply our cutting-edge satellite surveying technology and the world's highest quality imaging satellites to advance AbraPlata's Diablillos Project. Exploration and development success on the project will provide significant economic benefits to AbraPlata stakeholders... (read more)
2017-11-16 11:10:51

Geneq Inc Announces SXblue F90 GNSS Receiver for Surveying

Geneq Inc. has announced the SXblue F90, a multi-constellation GNSS receiver with very high level technology integration. The receiver hopes to fulfil the current surveyor’s demands in terms of performance, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. F90 tracks multi-constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou…) and can maximise the acquisition and tracking process with all-in-view GNSS satellite frequencies. Providing maximum performance for accuracy and real-time measurements, F90 also supports RTK correction service, including RTX service that can get cm accuracy without a base station. The GNSS also ensures high performance even in harsh environments such as under heavy canopy. The F90 has a combination of... (read more)
2018-08-28 11:09:54

Young UK Surveying Stars Battle for ‘Young Surveyor of the Year’ Title

Eighty of the UK's most inspiring young surveyors will compete for the esteemed 'RICS Matrics UK Young Surveyor of the Year' title after being recognised as influential leaders in their sectors, having made the shortlist of this year's Young Surveyor of the Year Awards. The annual awards celebrate the vast range of young talented surveyors, trainees and apprentices – aged 35 and under – who are role models in leading and managing exemplary built projects and initiatives. They also recognise the ambitious and astute future leaders of the surveying profession who have made a significant contribution to their workplace, including... (read more)
2019-09-11 11:27:22

Virtual Surveyor Introduces Enhanced Cut-and-fill Mapping in Drone Surveying Package

Virtual Surveyor has added cut-and-fill mapping capabilities to Version 7.0 of its popular unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV or 'drone') surveying package. The new functionality enables users to quickly perform volume difference calculations and generate cut-and-fill maps from drone images captured on two or more different dates. “Calculating volume differences between surface models derived from drone imagery now takes less than a minute instead of hours…and the results are more accurate,” said Tom Op ‘t Eyndt, CEO of Virtual Surveyor in Belgium. “The entire workflow of cleaning the surface models and subtracting one from the other can be accomplished in Virtual... (read more)
2019-09-12 01:24:18

Asia Air Survey Acquires Optech Galaxy for Mountain and Forestry Surveying

Teledyne Optech has announced Asia Air Survey Co. (AAS), Tokyo, Japan, has taken delivery of an ALTM Galaxy T1000 for use in their forest resource management initiatives, road and railway facility management, as well as slope stability monitoring activities. With 70% of Japan covered in mountains and hillsides, the country can be very susceptible to geomorphic hazards, such as landslides, often caused by seismic activity. To predict and mitigate these hazards, AAS plans to use the Galaxy airborne lidar sensor to collect high-density 3D data to create detailed maps of the country. The Galaxy is uniquely suited to collect high-accuracy... (read more)
2018-04-30 02:25:32

Surveying and Monitoring Systems Ensure Safety on Record-breaking Alpine Tunnel

The world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel under the Alps has been completed to line and level thanks to Swiss measurement and monitoring technology. On 1st June 2016 the 57km twin-bore Gotthard base tunnel was inaugurated with full service expected to begin in December 2016. The tunnel, which is the longest rail tunnel in the world, will provide a high-speed rail link under the Swiss Alps between northern and southern Europe. The previous longest tunnel was the Seiken in Japan at 53.9km, which beat Eurotunnel’s 50.5km. The Gotthard tunnel’s inauguration was marked by an odd opening ceremony featuring dancers and... (read more)
2016-12-23 03:54:08

Pointfuse Helps Skanska Join Up Laser Scanning Dots for Highway Surveying

Skanska is pioneering the use of new software that automatically creates 3D computer models directly from laser scanners. The global project development and construction company has successfully trialled the Pointfuse software that also offers automated extraction of features from laser scanned data. Using a vehicle mounted mobile mapping system Skanska surveyed a stretch of motorway collecting millions of individual measurements detailing bridges, gantries and crash barriers. The software was used to process the large point cloud, recognising and extracting features automatically and in a matter of minutes. Pointfuse is a powerful modelling engine developed by Arithmetica, a hi-tech company based at... (read more)
2017-01-06 12:36:32

Klau Geomatics Releases DJI Phantom4Pro for Surveying without Ground Control Points

Klau Geomatics, an Australian geospatial innovation company, has announced the KlauPPK enabled ‘DJI Phantom4Pro Surveyor’, a small drone for accurate surveying. This premium solution brings survey grade PPK direct geo-referencing accuracy to the less than 2kg UAV class, offering a capable, accessible entry point for surveyors to embrace UAV technology. Using the drone, surveyors can now achieve highly reliable, repeatable, absolute accuracy in their topographic mapping, surveying and inspection projects, while saving hours in the field and the office. Users typically achieve 3cm XYZ geolocation accuracy on the ground without placing traditional ground control points across the project area. Based... (read more)
2018-07-16 02:15:21

From Hairdresser to Surveyor - Interview with Francesca Little

How The Survey School Prepares Students for Challenging Jobs
Since 2001, more than 400 students have successfully completed the TSA Surveying Course at The Survey School in Worcester. The syllabus, which was written by The Survey Association, gives students a thorough grounding in both the practical and theoretical elements of land surveying. Francesca Little graduated from The Survey School in July 2017. At just 23 years old, she has the drive and ability needed to take her to the very top of the profession. With promotion to senior surveyor now in sight, she explains why she thrives on extra responsibility and new challenges. The Survey Association: How did your... (read more)
2018-05-14 02:05:52

Survey Solutions Welcomes Team of Experienced Professionals

Survey Solutions, one of the UK’s fastest growing independent firms of Chartered Land & Engineering Surveyors, is broadening its range of services with the acquisition of a team of experienced professionals from Site Engineers, Engineering Surveyors and Project Managers who will form a dedicated division bringing the total headcount to over 100. The new Engineering Survey team will focus on construction site services, bringing its skills and experience to specific projects – either on a short-term contract or full-time on larger schemes working alongside the site team as a permanent resource. This strengthens Survey Solutions’ expertise in site engineering and... (read more)
2018-02-20 10:54:12
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